"A work of art powered by Air"

A simple design that is both elegant and practical.

The Airlevator is a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator by PVE and is a technological marvel now available to enhance any home. 


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How it Works?

The pneumatic vacuum elevator is a cylindrical vertical shaft, and a car (cabin) which slides up and down inside.

The area above the cabin is placed in a vacuum using a system of small turbines on the top of the shaft-way.


These turbines create a low pressure area above the cabin seal.


At the same time, atmospheric pressure (greater than the low pressure system above the cabin seal) enters into the ground floor cylinder through holes/perforations on the ground floor cylinder panels, creating lift.

To descend, there is a valve inside the vacuum system that regulates the entry of air into the cylinder restoring pressure, lowering the car smoothly without consuming energy, this makes the vacuum elevator an eco-friendly lift.

PVE-Airlevator-Diagram copy.png


Air Powered Lift?

A solid construction of aluminium and polycarbonate panels, providing a strong and resilient enclosure for the cabin to safely travel within. Polycarbonate panels are slightly tinted to provide a subtle privacy without compromising the 360 degree panoramic view.

The External Structure

A solid construction of aluminium and poly carbonate panels, providing a strong and resilient enclosure for the cabin to safely travel within. The Bayer polycarbonate panel data sheet can be found here

The Cabin

The cabin is a solid welded steel structure, providing a sure footed experience. Within the cabin you will find the simple lift controls, a telephone, lighting and ventilation.


Securely attached to the top of the cabin is the seal, this is where the magic happens. The motors create negative air pressure. Any failure of the system results in automatic locking of the lift in position, making uncontrolled descent impossible.

When you reach an upper level, the cabin is locked into place. This system is not susceptible to creep or floor levelling issues. No energy is used to hold the lift in place at an upper level.

How It Works

Simple… At the top of the cylinder there are a series of motors, as they “suck” the air out of the cylinder, the cabin is drawn up the shaft.

• Very few moving parts, so more reliable.

• Less resistance or mechanical inefficiencies, so very low energy consumption.

• Low maintenance, so low onward costs.

The benefits of our vacuum elevators are:


Self-supporting structure: the vacuum elevators are capable of freestanding on any level ground surface


Installation of vacuum elevators within one to two days


The vacuum elevators do not require pit, hoist-way or machine room


It plug directly into 220V as if they were a household appliance. They do not require three-phase power.


Modern, functional and elegant design. Our vacuum elevators allow 360º visibility without cables or pistons that block vision


“Green Elevator”: minimal energy consumption required during ascent and no energy necessary for descent


Minimal maintenance: no lubricants or regular service required


Absolute safety: in the event of a power failure, the vacuum elevators cab automatically descends to the lowest leve and the electromechanical door opens to allow passengers to exit.


Safe. CE Certificate


Lift Sizes



Airlevator Mini, is the smallest most compact unit in the range. With a footprint diameter of just 75cm, it is perfect for small and tight spaces. Inside the cabin you have a little over 52cm in diameter to comfortably stand during travel.


Exterior diameter: 750 mm

SWG-1 Person-PVE-Mini-Airlevator.png

159 Kg



Airlevator Midi, is the most popular unit in the range. With a footprint diameter of just 94cm, there is enough room for two persons, or one person using the optional fold down seat. Inside the cabin you have a little over 76cm of space during travel.


Exterior diameter: 933 mm

SWG-2 Person-PVE-Midi-Airlevator.png

205 Kg



Airlevator Maximus, is the largest in the range. With a footprint diameter of just 132cm (large enough for a wheelchair), it is the ideal solution, when you need more cabin space. Inside the cabin you have a diameter of 112cm. When the door is open, there is a clear width of 81cm.


Exterior diameter: 1316 mm

SWG-3 Person-PVE-Maximus-Airlevator.png

238 Kg

Marine Use

Lifts For Marine Use

Airlevator, vacuum powered lifts are ideal for special uses, such as on Yachts.

Space is a premium on yachts so not needing a shaft or pit makes this product an ideal solution.

The simple and safe drive system (Air) means there are no complex issues with lubricants and hydraulic oils.

  • Single phase power supply

  • Simple operation

  • Stylish design


Who are Airlevator

Who’d of thought a lift powered by air 

could carry people!

Gary Tidman, has always followed the big thinkers of future technologies. Discovering the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (Manufactured by PVE, USA) was an instant breath of fresh air in a very traditional home lift industry. Never before did a product capture the imagination.

Gary Tidman has been at the forefront of providing lifts for the home, be they vertical lifts between floors or stair/chair lifts mounted on the stairs.

With over 31 years experience of the industry, working in manufacturing, sales, and installations, he has an intimate knowledge from component level through to bespoke design for discerning clients, often collaborating with designers and artisans to find the perfect solution.


Unlike many lift suppliers, he balances the need of the client against the available technologies, offering multiple solutions from several sources, often from across the world, using the latest technologies, influenced by previous experience.


Gary has provided his services not just in the UK but also in France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia and Qatar. He has also advised the Cyprus government and UK Embassies on disabled access. Get in contact and talk to Gary about an air powered elevator for your home, business or even your boat. With a small footprint and no need for an engine room as it is powered by air, the Airlevator is the ideal compact lift solution.


In 2014 Gary was awarded “Individual of the Year” by the British Healthcare Trades Association, following glowing feedback from clients.



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